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Frequently Asked Questions

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Before subscribing to business fibre broadband, it is important to:

-          Ensure that your building is NGN-ready. You can check via this link.

-          For a new office location, ensure that all renovations have been completed. For installations before completion of renovations, please take note that your business fibre broadband billing will begin upon completion of installation.

-          Ensure that you want the services to installed as soon as possible. Any request for delay in installation or order fulfilment may be subjected to one-time charges.

It depends – on the number of users, devices or tasks that your company need to perform. For example, if your business engages in online conferencing or utilizes cloud solutions frequently, opt for a higher speed plan.

A static IP is a fixed IP address that remains constant and is usually used for business that host their own web, email and FTP servers and requires firewall and VPN for more security. Static IP also provides better quality communication over VoIP or other digital voice services.

If you are new to StarHub Business, please standby the following documents in JPEG/PDF format before you begin your purchase on our online store.

  1. NRIC of Owner / Director / Authorized Officer (front and back)
  2. Company BizFile / ACRA Profile

For existing StarHub customers, you may login with your Enterprise ID. Still do not have an Enterprise ID, register for one here.

You may recontract within 3 months of your contract end date. Check your broadband recontract eligibility here.

Downgrade is allowed only upon end of contract period. Early recontract fees or early termination charges will apply for any other scenario.

The estimated provisioning lead-time for fibre service is 14 working days after StarHub has accepted the application, subjected always to availability of network, service, resources, access, in-building cabling and tray and the procurement of all relevant approvals.

Learn more about the journey here.

Call 1800-823-3333 for 24/7 technical service support.

Relocation fees are as follow:

  • For Fibre Broadband with recontract: $428 (during office hours) / $856.00 (after office hours)
  • For Fibre Broadband without recontract: $856 (during office hours) / $1,284.00 (after office hours)

The estimated provisioning lead-time for fibre service at the new site is 14 working days.

If you urgently require an interim service for your operations at the new site, please inform our business helpdesk officers so they can arrange for you.

NBAP generally refers to site offices without an address e.g. pop up stores, annex buildings. Businesses can still subscribe to fibre broadband for such locations, with additional scope / charges required. You may read more abut NBAP here.

For NBAP queries, please contact us separately instead of submitting an order through online store.

During your purchase, please ensure that the fibre broadband installation address provided is accurate. We will not accept any change to the unit number after the order has been submitted. We will treat any request to change installation address or unit number as an order cancellation and prevailing cancellation charges shall apply.